The Church Is...

Recorded 01/01/2017

One Minute After You Die

​Recorded 11/11/2018

Palm Sunday

Recorded 03/25/18

Faith Promise Missions

What, Why & How

Recorded 05/21/2017

Mothers Day

​Recorded 05/14/2017

Past Sermons

A Revival of Hope

​Recorded 01/27/19

Old Testament Grace

​Recorded 03/18/18

Stop Going To Church.

​Recorded 08/26/2018

Embracing Change in

Following God's Call

Recorded 04/30/2017

Separation of Church and State

Recorded: 07/04/2015

Preparing For Easter

Recorded 04/01/18

Watch Where You Sit

​Recorded 04/28/19

Discover It Together

​Recorded 10/14/2018

Palm Sunday

Recorded 04/09/2017

The Root of the Problem

​Recorded 01/06/19


Recorded 11/24/2019

Surprised by Grace

​Recorded 05/20/18

The Good, The Bad, The Wise

​Recorded 12/30/18

Work and Witness Trip To Guatemala

​Recorded 04/08/18

Membership has Its Privileges

Recorded 01/05/20