Taking Care of Year End Stuff

Recorded 12/27/2020

Not Troubled by Troubles

Recorded 01/24/2021

Simeon and Anna

​Recorded 01/03/2021

Watch Where You Sit

​Recorded 04/28/19

The Root of the Problem

​Recorded 01/06/19

The Week After Christmas

Recorded 12/29/2019

Reverand David Filsinger

Recorded 08/04/2019


Recorded 11/24/2019

Membership has Its Privileges

Recorded 01/05/20

The Pathway Back

​Recorded 1/17/2021

The Believer God Uses

Recorded 01/31/2021

Mother's Day 2019

Recorded 05/12/2019

Loving Father's

Recorded 06/16/2019

A Drink for Your Deyhrated Soul

​Recorded 06/09/2019

What's In a Name:

Jehovah Shalom

​Recorded 11/01/2020

Your Best Praying Partner

​Recorded 10/25/2020

A Revival of Hope

​Recorded 01/27/19

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