Lifegroups 2021-2022


Life Groups

People Were Made For Relationships

We hunger for the deep, authentic relationships Jesus had in mind when He prayed that His followers would be one. Yet in many churches, the connection we crave is lacking.
New Horizons is a place where we travel life’s journey together through LifeGroups.
-How long does a Life Group last?
Each Life Group runs simultaneously with the School year. Groups often will not meet as frequently during the summer and holiday months.
-When do Life Groups meet?
Each group decides when and where it wants to meet.
-How long does a Life Group meeting last?
A typical Life Group meeting lasts 1-1.5 hours.
​-Can I join a group if I don’t go to New Horizons?
-How do I join or start a Life Group?
Contact us at 207-474-2957 or