Lifegroups 2021-2022

LifeGroups are currently on summer break check back in the fall for days and times for our new season of LifeGroups.

Small Groups

People Were Made For Relationships

-We hunger for the deep, authentic relationships Jesus had in mind when He prayed that His followers would be one. Yet in many churches, the connection we crave is lacking.
​-New Horizons is a place where we travel life’s journey together through LifeGroups.
-How long does a life Group last?
Each LifeGroup will commit to run simultaneously with the School year. Groups will not meet as frequently during the summer and holiday months.
-When do life Groups meet?
Each group decides when and where it wants to meet. Most groups meet at least 3 times a month or once a week. We encourage weekly gathering as it truly helps everyone in the group to stay connected with what’s going on in the church and in each other’s lives. As individuals seek to join a LifeGroup, we help them find people that are meeting on a particular night. Most of our LifeGroups meet in group members’ homes.
-How long does a Life Group meeting last?
A typical Life Group meeting lasts 1-1.5 hours. However, it is unique for each group.How is time spent during life Group?We recommend fellowship time (25 minutes), opening prayer and announcements (5 minutes), Bible study discussion (25 minutes), and with closing in prayer. Of course, this is only a recommended schedule.
​-Can I join a group if I don’t go to New Horizons?
Absolutely! Inform your friends, neighbors, family members, coworkers and casual acquaintances about your LifeGroup study. Most of our study materials are appropriate for both believers and those not attending a church.
-How do I start my own Small Group?
Contact us at 207-474-2957 or if you’re interested in leading a group.
-How do I join a Small Group? Contact us at 207-474-2957 or Another way is simply ask one of our greeters when you arrive at your next worship service!