Drive-In Worship Guidelines

1. PEOPLE IN VEHICLE: Only immediate household members are allowed in each vehicle.

2. PARKING: Please follow the parking attendants instructions we are parking vehicles 6 feet apart and placing Trucks and Larger Vehicles in the back to increase visibility. Households in lawn chairs will also be placed six feet apart.

3. LEAVING YOUR VEHICLE: You may now get out of your vehicle if you wish and sit in lawn chairs in front of your vehicle or in a designated row. (No bathrooms available still)

4. TUNE IN: Listen to the service on your car radio at 92.7 FM.

5. PAPER MATERIALS: Lyrics for the songs can be found on the church website (

6. OFFERING: Drop off your tithes and offerings as you leave the service. Also as always tithes and offerings can also be mailed to the church or given online.

7. FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS: We are only able to have this type of service if we follow these guidelines so please be respectful of the guidelines that we have outlined.